Active Release Techniques is regarded as the Gold Standard for treating soft tissue injuries.

Sports Injury Specialists

Individualized treatment specifically for your needs

About Us

What you can expect from KC Sports Docs:

  • An individualized treatment specifically for your needs.
  • A thorough hands-on treatment that will usually take between 20-30 minutes. We will not rush you in and out.
  • Within a few treatments, we know if we are going to be able to correct your problem. If you don’t make steady or dramatic improvement within a few treatments, we will refer you to another health care professional.
  • We will not put you on a 50 visit treatment plan!
  • You pay as you go – no expensive pre-payment plans.


Our success is achieved when you as the patient have:

  • Loss of symptoms and pain
  • Return to normal activities
  • No reoccurrence of the condition

Our Providers are in network for Blue Cross and Blue Shield. We can file a claim for you with any other insurance carrier, but it will fall under your out of network chiropractic benefits. We suggest you contact customer service for your insurance and find out what they will cover before your first appointment.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Marty DeCourcy, D.C.


Dr. Martin DeCourcy, D.C. has been in chiropractic practice in the Kansas City metropolitan area since 1989.  Dr. DeCourcy has been a certified Active Release Technique® (ART) provider since 1992 and has been an instructor for over 20 years.

Dr. TJ Hackler, D.C.


Dr. TJ Hackler, D.C. has lived in the Kansas City area for most of his life. Dr. Hackler has maintained a very active chiropractic practice since 2007. He has been a Chiropractic Consultant for the Kansas City Chiefs since 2010.


“Throughout my 15 year career in the NFL, I played in over 120 games. After many years of wear and tear, and multiple surgeries, I wasn’t sure how long my career would last. It is no coincidence that my most productive years as a pro were in Kansas City. I began working with Marty DeCourcy in 2001. My next 6 years with the Chiefs we made the playoffs twice and I was named a Pro Bowler 2 times. During that time I started 81 consecutive games, which is a Chiefs quarterback record. That is due in large part to Marty and his ability to get me ready to play, week in and week out. Football is a demanding sport and the technique that Marty uses got me ready to play every week. Whether you’re an up and coming athlete, a pro athlete, or a weekend warrior, Marty DeCourcy can help you perform at a higher level on the field.”

Trent Green

Former NFL Pro Bowl Quarterback